25 February 2010

Friday's wanderings

I don't know about you but sometimes I think, if I could do anything else than what I am doing now what would it be, and today I am thinking it would be an intern with this company (Gailbraith and Paul), such gorgeous prints and what an interesting world to be a part of! Here are some examples of their originally printed fabrics, click on the link, they have a great website!


  1. I'm always popping in. Thought I might as well become a follower. Have a nice weekend :)

  2. That design studio is jaw dropping cool.

  3. Thanks Loree, hope you are enjoying the weekend (24 degrees they say!), am flattered that you decided to follow capers.

  4. lovely! and the Dietrich post... divine! What movie did you finally watch?

  5. Thanks Kenza, am a sucker for those old black and white films. For the girls night we saw An Education and last night The Hurt Locker, both good thought provoking films, hmm maybe I will do a small review. A single Man is next.


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