01 March 2010


"Happiness showed up today, 
a silver throated 
mocking bird
with the sweetest song
I ever heard
it flashed across the sky"

"the only moment we can hold is this one going by..."

These are parts of a song called Happiness by a singer song writer called Beth Nielsen Chapman (she has written songs for Bette Milder, Niel Diamond, Elton John ). 
I heard this song on BBC Radio 4 woman's hour during an interview.  She wrote this song  while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, on a day she was feeling especially blue, the day all her hair fell out. She said she was thinking about what happiness would look like if it walked through the door. 

Its amazing how much in life we take for granted. 

note: she survived the breast cancer and is happily writing songs and living life to the fullest now ten years on.


  1. Yes indeed!!!!!!! We are so happy (and packing yours). Kiefer is over the moon with his tiger tee. He is wearing it today, to show his friends at school. He practiced T's name all night to get it right. He was dreaming about visiting and going on the plane....

    Thank you so much. Bless you, friend!

    xxx from all of us.

  2. Oh Juniper... this is lovely and heart warming. Yes, we take so much for granted... Thanks for this beautiful post. I love the image of the mocking-bird and your photo.

  3. don`t know her, but sounds interesting. i will take a look...

  4. Yes, that is true - but being aware that we take too much for granted is leading us into the right direction, doesn't it?

    So at least sometimes we KNOW and APPRECIATE what we have, don't we?

  5. Very inspiring - what a strong person. I admire people who have this sort of strength - to find the light in hard times... Thanks for the post :^)

  6. For sure. Thanks for sharing a great singer/songwriter.

  7. This is new to me -- song and blog both -- and I'm swooning rather greatly over both. Lovely space, this.


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