07 March 2010

Rainy day house gazing

I think that the year of keeping an eye out on interior design ideas left a watermark on me.  Flicking through magazines,  sipping tea on dark wet Sunday mornings in England,  planning from afar how to set up our little house in Malta, I find I still so enjoy looking at interior design blogs and magazines. This post by design sponge of before and after shots is great for ideas. 

This post over at digs digs made me smile- I love seeing what peple can manage to do with very small spaces! 


  1. i really like the first left pic! wonderful!

    i understand your hobby ;-)

  2. I love the simplicity of it all! I will look the videos you posted later today. Thanks for making us smile! Have a lovely week (oh... and thanks for the kind note you left on CaramelCaramelo).

  3. uuuuu am so excited!! I love this post and mainly because we are about to embark in the design and decoration of our new home !! yeah!! I can't wait :)

  4. I cannot wait for the day that my fiance and I have our own place and I can decorate! I love to set up house and go shopping for all sorts of special things to decorate and make it "home".

  5. Small spaces are so efficient, at least they force you to be. When we moved back to the States, it was strange to have the kids spread throughout the house. I almost missed having them underfoot all the time. I said almost, mind you.
    Your little one looks adorable with her new haircut! Hope you are having a great Monday in Malta! Is it warm there?

  6. Same here! I am a big fan of the before and after photos. I love seeing the transformation, the creativity and resourcefulness.

    Happy new week!


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