09 March 2010

Thoughts of summer

 as long as I am coasting on the shallow end, what with the spring 
dresses, gazing at nice interiors and so on, I mine as well carry on at the shallow end and mention these found here.

Am not really a shoe person, I own only a few pairs that last me for years but these ohh sighhh just looking at them makes me want to get up, grab a skirt and fly off to Barcelona or Copenhagen. 


  1. they do ship all over the world!:)

  2. As a shoe lover myself, boy, those are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful shoes made for warm days and naked feets.....I am really dreaming here from Norway,with the coldest winter in a houndred years....:)
    Thank you for sharing youre beautiful blog and thank you for visiting me.
    Have a wonderful evening.

    :) from Gunn

  4. After seeing these here yesterday, I dreamt of these last night! I have done the research....maybe I might get some?! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Like ice cream for your feet!! Darling.

  6. I agree! They look so comfortable.


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