14 March 2010


The sun is back, the circling foxes have shyly laid down their weapons and grudges and made amends. It is amazing what just spending time together can do. Not to mention a tango lesson and lattes at the near by sweet shop ... yes the stars once again are aligned in our house and I feel ready for a new week to begin and guess who is coming...

Still not sure?

Grandpa and Grandma from across the big pond!! 
(these two last photos were taken where we used to live, Winchester, England)


  1. Glad to hear the stars have realigned! Have a lovely visit with the elder generation.

  2. Love it! Here we come!

  3. I am smiling - I am so happy to hear this, and I love that you mended it with a tango and latte ... excellent :^)

    Happy happy new week!

  4. The sun seems to be back for us too!
    have a good week :)

  5. O!!!!! How lucky you are!!
    and the sun is back!
    I'm really happy for you .

  6. Ah Tango ... I wish I could talk my hubby into that. I really love it.

  7. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on Friday and today! Yes, lets hope its sunny and clear sailing for us all this week!
    - J

  8. The photos in this post are utterly gorgeous. Something your kids will treasure when they grow up :)

    ps: Love the new header!

  9. I moved to Malta 16 years ago, and am originally from very near Winchester! I do that same walk with my Anglo-Maltese son aged 7 every time we go back to the UK to visit his grandparents. I do miss Hampshire, I have to say. Seeing your photos brought it all back. I am debunking there for all August most likely this year as I really can't cope with 3 months' summer hols and the endless heat! Thanks for your lovely blog. See mine if you like.

  10. LIz, oh to take refuge in the gentle lush greenery of Hampshire from the dry hot heat of Malta in August, sounds perfect! We actually lived in Brighton/Hove for seven years and then the last year lived in WInchester, (just next to the Cathedral) and really fell for the place, for children especially the parks and country walks one can do are marvelous! Really a charming city.

  11. So pleased for you. And for the little ones, of course. Few things are better to a tiny one, than being spoiled by a grandparent.
    That first photo is exquisite in it's beauty! Wishing you a lovely week.


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