08 April 2010

Should you fancy.....

a visit to Malta, 

staying at this house in Valletta is not such a bad choice. 

It is far more grand than our wee little house on Miracle lane. 

(Must admit I am a fan of this quirky little kitchen) 
Click here for more information Valletta G-House. 


  1. lovely! and I also like the kitchen. made for warm meals and long chats while cooking.

  2. Are you kidding me? I'll hop right on a plane!!

    Actually, though, I can't imagine a better place to live than Miracle Lane ;)

  3. oh that is so fabulous... I want to leap onto that bed and then head into the kitchen for something yummy...

  4. Oh wow!! I love it all, the stairs, the tiles in the bedroom and the low ceiling in the kitchen togheter with that beautiful arch!! I cannot stop saying how much I love old houses!! great find :)

  5. Such ideas....I don't need! Have itchy feet already. Love that you live on Miracle Lane! How many people can say that?

  6. It looks so nice - had a quick look at the website - unfortunately it said ""not suitable for kids" - what a shame. Was just about to book for the summer;)
    Miracle Lane - that's quite an adress!

  7. I know, I should have warned people. I noticed that too. Think it may be a romantic trip for two sort of place. If I come across some good family friendly places like this house of character I will post it, I think there may be some on Gozo. I will try and find some!

  8. simple beautiful! thanks for sharing and reminding me how much i'd love to come visit!


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