11 April 2010

Sea swells

Nothing like stumbling upon a path and heading for a little picnic, kids, kites, fresh bread and sparkling wine in tow... 

off for a little adventure

some cheery spring flowers 

Salty sea breezes and surreal blue waters

Past a caper flower 

and finally finding peace and calm in a meadow

Little D gets down to business with some drawing

some views along the way

Turned out to be a very nice Saturday outing, and the kites from Grandma had a grand time tossing and turning in the wind. Oh and we saw a soaring hawk (or maybe it was a falcon) sorry the picture just shows a dot so I didn't include it, but for me it was one of the highlights of the walk.

Sunday held some treasures found at the Sunday flea market but I won't overdo it on the photos!
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend, I love that spring can bring surprises. 


  1. Wonderful photos. It's amazing, this island is so small, yet we hardly ever make it down south where you had your little picnic. Enchanting place.

  2. What a wonderful day, great photos. My husband would love this place. He has already researched it for travel ideas :)

  3. Unreal blues... beautiful fields... amazing landscape... and, I have never seen a caper flower before, that was exciting! I have yet to see them grow in person - someday :^)

    I hope you show us your flea market finds soon!


  4. WOW!!!!
    thank you for finding my blog!
    and by the way, i love your blog name :-)

  5. Brilliant photos!! and what a lovely spot you found :)

  6. these photos are wonderful! thanks for sharing. and the blue yes! what a treat.

  7. Looks like a perfect picnic! Your pictures are lovely, I miss the ocean! It looks like a perfect place to draw and I love the little sun hat.

  8. I really, really must return to Malta soon! These pictures are just amazing. What a great place to spend your Saturday.
    And please do show us your flea market finds. I´m looking forward to find out what Maltese treasures you have gathered. During my stay on Gozo I have never been to a flea market. Helas.

  9. The pictures are amazing! What a beautiful landscape you have around you!

    Happy spring days


  10. Absolutely beautiful pics,specially the first shot!!!!!!!!!!!The place you live is like part of the heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. Beautiful!! Could you tell us where this is? Just got back from a month visit and miss it already!

  12. SO beautiful! Oh, that ocean of yours! I'd love to paint it!


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