28 April 2010

Wednesday's Cornerview: Animals

Back from a small but delicious little trip to England, just in time for the cornerview! 

Meet this handsome fella, he lives at a relative's  farm (the exact details of which Maltese relative would take some time to explain). Bit of a runner so the only snap I managed to get was him on the move...bit blurry, apologies.  
This is where he lives.

Not exactly an animal.. a stretch admittedly but how cool of a catfish statue is this?! Spotted a top a tall pole in Plymouth, England just outside the national Aquarium. Is it just me or are catfish particularly striking looking, with their long whiskers and spiky fins?
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  1. You really made me laugh! Glad you are back I am certain you had a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Kenza and yes, oh my we did! Was hard to leave.

  3. Sounds like a great trip to the UK. What a wonderful place that cockrel lives. Lucky fellow.

  4. England is dreamy, I love the landscape. I want to live where the rooster and catfish lives!

  5. Visiting family is always my idea of a wonderful vacation. Pleased to hear you had a great time.
    When we went to the Hawaiian island of Kauai in January, we saw chickens and roosters everywhere, on the beach, in the woods, even in the grocery store parking lot.

  6. Angie,
    Actually it was visiting friends, but they feel almost like family! I remember the chickens in Thailand were the same- running everywhere.

  7. What a stylish little rooster. And I LOVE that catfish...the most wild and fanciful catfish ever imagined!

  8. Last summer, I spent a week in Malta and I have never seen a hen... So, I'm glad to see one ;) and a nice one !

    Yes, catfishes are like that, may be more terrifying ;)

    Lovely corner !

  9. both critters well caught! in fact that rooster is quite elegant looking! glad to hear you had a good time in blighty.

  10. *kickericki*
    i think, you really had a gread time!

  11. I like the organic lines of the sculpture


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