21 April 2010

Wednesday's Cornerview: Earth Day

Simple golden grain
It's seeds now sent off into the wind

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  1. Beautiful! the bleu, the gold, the wind! so much life and hope! Thank you.

  2. what a beautif picture! .. as always...
    happy earth day to you!

  3. Blue skies and golden wheat rolling like waves as far as the eye can see. One of my favorite images of all time. Happy Earth Day to you!

  4. Simple beauty and simply profound. xoxo

  5. Beautifully simple statement agreed!

    As to yesterday's comment. Yes, I'm afraid, squirrel. Well I certainly did choose the right person to divulge that to didn't I? Sorry! All you baby squirrels! And baby squirrel lovers! (Juniper!) Oops!

    Re: UK television: you have NO idea. I think it was something actually called Eurotrash. Didn't last too long thank goodness!

  6. Lovely picture. Great contrast of the golden wheat with the blue sky.

  7. What a stunning picture and a simple, beautiful message!

  8. You're right, every plant can tell how our world is beautiful ! (and ! pretty good shot !)


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