09 May 2010


what arrived in the post! 
Thank you Melissa from over at Tigerlily Tinkering for the lovely bag, I love it!!! and I so dig that inside pocket! Pop round to her blog and see her brilliant  barter market idea. 
Am planning on joining once I have enough stock (nearly there). 

Happy Monday to you all 


  1. Love the material!! Will pop over to her blog. At the moment I'm into making crochet bags for girls. My first one is done I posted a photo a few posts ago. I'm into my second one and am enjoying the process of making them :). Would you like to meet for a coffe some time soon?

  2. Love that new bag of yours....especially the fact that the interior is a bright orange and the usual black that turns all of my bags into scary black holes! Headed to check out her blog.

  3. Yes! this is lovely. The material is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful bag. I am not a very creative type of person but would love to make something like that.

  5. Chocolate brown - one of my favorite colors and nice design too! I'll have to follow the link... Enjoy :^)

  6. So wish I had more time to do some of these creative things that I would really enjoy doing...I can't seem to make it happen but would love to work on some sewing and painting projects...Corrie

  7. I'm so thrilled that you love the bag! It is absolutely the best print for you. I would love to have you join in a barter! That said, I got your surprises! Oh, we are all in love with them. I will post about it soon but they've already been named by Cal...Malcolm and Salsy! Perfect. And the shorts and the book and even the most beautiful card! I felt like I was with you.

  8. lucky you!
    what a nice bag!


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