13 May 2010

Friday, glad to see you again

Passing view as we drove home Thursday evening, 
 Valletta in her dusty beauty, bathed in the golden light of sunset.
 Do I really live here in this 'other' land...is this brown eyed man at my side really my husband?
 and these three round faced sleepy children are mine?
.. how ever did I get here.....
 lost in the now, the moment, the reality of it. Feels like just yesterday I was a student rushing to class. 

Of note this week:

Chick pea season is back again, and we nibble them fresh off the stalks...
here is a close up of what they look like. 

and playing round and round in our car these days is this song, (thanks honey) am now officially hooked... this is also a favourite.  

Happy Friday, hope you enjoy the weekend.
(Its the start of watermelon season here)


  1. What a lovely post Juniper! Thank you! you brightened my morning. Have a splendid week end!

  2. Like the song. Happy Weekend to you!

  3. Have a happy weekend - amazing how time flies and what and where we have been before today...

  4. Chickpeas off the vine! What a world you live in, sweet Juniper! Have a marvelous weekend. xo

  5. Awesome song. Those magic family moments where you can't believe this is what you got - well they are great.

  6. Unreal, magnificent, dream-like... enjoy it for me too :^)

    Happy weekend Juniper!

  7. Happy watermelonweekend!!

    and yes, those studentdays feel like yesterday but all of a sudden i have three kids -uhmp-

  8. Lovely picture. Great song. Happy weekend!

  9. Love the music, had to share it with Kieran. Your imagery of family time is so nice. I love those moments, makes me want to burst. You've inspired me to think about some music we've had on around these parts. Hmm.


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