23 May 2010

Monday morning traffic

 Along with the blue sea,  blossoming peach trees and sun blanched quaint stone streets there is also this side of Malta (I am admittedly overdue in making this post). 
This is the view out the car window last week while we were stuck in endless traffic (a bit of rain means flooding in many parts of the island and more than the usual numbers of traffic jams). Lovely industrial Marsa, with its many derelict cranes (gone is the hay day of the Maltese ship building industry). Many pot holed back streets criss-crossing between factory buildings and closed up abandoned old storage houses. I was beginning to fear I may be painting too sunny and perfect of a picture and so was moved to include a few photos that normally I may edit out.
I for the most part in the last year have focused my attentions on the bits of beauty and culture here.  This also helped in my transitioning to the island, trying to find the hidden treasures that make living here really worth while. But this (above photos) is also Malta, lots of construction, lots of traffic... it is the most densely populated country in Europe and because most of the country was built long before cars were invented, there simply is not space for them all. I could go on in this direction, with the many faults one can find here but at the moment I won't spend too much time on that, for I am enjoying this time of allowing myself to be charmed by Malta's rustic worn down beauty and quirkiness.

*I must admit I do rather like some of the old abandoned houses,
 such textures and small remains of past glory!  


  1. Seems every city has it's ugly side, though I understand you needing to focus on the positive aspects until you adjust - or for however long you need to. Good strategy... Though just as you said, I really like the decay and textures of the old buildings. The ones in your photos are amazing :^)

  2. Thanks for sharing this and the information about the shipbuilding and all, I never would have thought that of Malta. It's nice that there is a little of everything and beauty seems to outweigh it all. Have a lovely week!

  3. Sadly, there is no perfect place. And it's true - such a struggle for old places to accommodate the new without destroying their beauty - or doing our heads in! I personally think we should all go back to having electric streetcars. Especially in LA!

  4. I am not a fan of traffic or abandoned cranes, but I also like places with a bit of reality and grit to them. Maybe it's because of my southern roots but if a place is too clean or too spiffed up it makes me feel a bit suspicious...like it's some sort of fake place without a history or real people...like so many of those gated neighborhoods in the States these days. I don't want to be surrounded by garbage and traffic every minute of the day but I'd much rather live in a place that has obvious signs of roots and life.Ok, I will remove myself from my soapbox now :) Can't wait to see Malta, the good, the bad, and the gritty. Thanks for sharing all of your perspectives and views on your interesting island home!

  5. I saw this place last year and dreamed seing these old walls... thinking about the rich History of malta !

    Nice pictures !

  6. Janis-
    Thanks and it is my way I suppose of balancing my sometimes overly critical side.

    Kenza- yes during the second world war it was a major hub for shipbuilding (it was a British Colony then). It has only been independent since 1964.

    Lucia, I totally agree, I like living in a place that feels real, not too glossy or perfect.


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