19 May 2010

Wednesday's Cornerview: Collections

Due to the fact that we have been a rather mobile family  (our oldest has moved six times in his six short years of life), we have not had the chance to really collect much (sadly) but our migratory days should be behind us and it is nice to start collecting bits and bobs.  
This little trio was a gift from grandma and are used by the children for personal maple syrup pouring convenience. Handy too because we can be sure they each only consume about a tablespoon or two  at a go... (its the real deal here and I view it like gold)
As my sister over at Ten Finger workshop knows.. takes a whole lot a trees to make just a pint of the magic stuff!
Thank you Joyce for hosting Cornerview while Jane has been away.  For more cornerviews check here


  1. I havn't collected much either because of the same reason as you. Like that the cute little porcelain animals serve a purpose :)

  2. I love these!!! I have a white cow and can see myself slipping into collecting these for sure... oh and using them for syrup is such a great idea. I am going to try this next time I indulge in a stack of pancakes! xo

  3. We shouldn't have collected lots of stuff when on our travels but that didn't stop us!! We now have a few 'drawers of random things'...chris is waaay worse than me at hoarding so we really have a load of stuff that we dont need!!

    C x

  4. I adore these! especially the first one --an elephant right? really great!

  5. Those are so cute! Hope you are having a good week...

  6. We love the real deal and it is expensive here! Also use agave nectar for baking, etc.

  7. oooh! i would love to be a little kid with my own personal maple syrup pourer! in the shape of an animal yet! loved your story about your little one. i have a cat just like her. yours will grow up to be very much more help though, than my girl cat will! can't wait to hear the stories they will tell about being maltese-american. not everyone can say that!

  8. This is a fun little collection!

  9. nice cute collection!!! :)
    p.s.one of my friends from Sweden was in Malta recently,she really enjoyed of the weather.
    you could find her lovely art on Sarah's creations link on my blog
    Have a nice time

  10. Adorable little things.


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