01 July 2010

At last!!

The recipe that I mentioned some days ago, the fig ice cream. Especially for you Guusje. Sorry it has taken me some time to get round to writing it down!  It is an original recipe so sadly I am not completely certain on the amounts I used.  I am also including a very dependable tasty strawberry ice cream recipe. 

 I have opened a little etsy shop!!! 
It is called The Caper Collection and can be found here,
I still have quite a few items to add but here are a few. 

To celebrate I would like to have my first give away! 
Who ever is picked can choose one of the following: an animal of their choice, one of the small purses, a make up carrier or the jewellery carrier. 
In your comment please leave your name, which you would prefer and your email address. I will choose someone in one weeks time.

Strawberry Ice Cream
400 grams chopped strawberries
100 milk
300 ml fresh cream
100 grams sugar
Directions: puree all ingredients together and pour into ice cream mixer.

Fig, Walnut and port ice cream
7 large very soft figs
50-100 grams toasted walnuts (chopped)
300 ml fresh cream
100 ml milk
orange rind
100 ml port
pinch cinnamon
Directions: Simmer lightly in a covered pan the figs in the port ( fork some holes into each of the figs). add in sugar, orange zest (around 1/2 tsp) and the pinch of cinnamon. Let cool and then scoop out the fig insides and add to the liquid, remove the peels. Gently pour in the milk and fresh cream. Lightly stir and add to the ice cream mixer, add the nuts just as the ice cream is getting thick. Obviously this is according to your own taste so feel free to increase or decrease amounts of orange rind, sugar and figs. This was my first time making this ice cream, sadly the Bajtar Tal San Gwann figs are finished so I will be trying it with a different sort of fig when the new kind are in season at the start of August.


  1. Congratulations! this is wonderful! will go and visit! Happy week end.

  2. Well done on your Etsy shop! and Thanks for sharing your ice-cream recipes...Your fig one seems really gorgeous!

  3. Ohhh congratulations Juniper - how exciting it is !!! I think you will be very successful selling your wonderful collection. Hooray and have fun! ...the fun part is very important ;^)

  4. So many great news!

    Congratulations on your shop, I will have a look at it soon!

    Thank you for the recipes it will be tried out this summer for sure...

    Have a happy weekend, your Mr. is returning, isn't he?

  5. Wow, Wow, Wow, thank you! We will so try those!

    Fab, your Etsy shop. ♥♥♥

    You are a winner, Jupe!

  6. Yum on the ice cream. Congratulations on your shop...everything looks lovely!

  7. The ice cream looks amazing. I am going to check out your shop :)


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