05 July 2010

Of gifts and long days

Little gifts my husband returned with... he knows me well... some local coffee and a special beer to try! It seems he fell for Portland the same way I did. 
Notice the words on the Vixen Coffee Blend - I arise in the morning torn between the desire to save the world and a desire to savour it, which makes it hard to plan the day...
E.B. White

The beans are from a small roaster on the island of Vashon, an Island not far from Seattle which I had the good luck of living on for a spell. 
Fingers crossed there is a job opening in one of our fields and we find ourselves in Portland one day!
Till then its the start of summer holidays... long days of occupying the wee ones.. 
a small walk to explore a nearby grove of trees.. nothing like a picnic. 


  1. You would be my neighbor (though around 700 miles north) if you moved to Portland! We still have Stumptown coffee in out freezer from visiting there months ago... I dole it out slowly :^)

    I will keep my fingers crossed for sure!

  2. This is wonderful! You must be thrilled of having him back and well all the nice gifts! (I am in the middle of packing --hard with a little one who keeps taking everything I pack out... taking a break and what a nice visit!) Big kisses. (oh! and glad you liked the post!)

  3. Good your Mr. is back and he brought with him some of the things you miss.

    I will keep the fingers crossed you will be able to go there oneday and I wish all of you a happy holiday!

  4. Enjoyed the read, wonderful photos. Came here from Anecdotes... I have added your blog to my Blogger's Cafe: http://avarchives.blogspot.com/ in Library 4 - Ex-pats. I put it there because I think you are Ex-ex-pats, if you feel injured by the placing please leave a comment and say so. I've also listed you in Malta on By Country.


  5. Oh, what a joy, dear Juniper. What a joy....

  6. Would love to have you back in the states, dear!! Looks like some fun gifts and good times with the kids, too.


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