12 July 2010

Cold mint and pea soup

Having a bit of a heat wave here in Malta so it is time once again for some cold soup. 
This is one of my favourites, simple and so refreshing!
2 onions chopped
1TBs butter
1/4 cup fresh mint
450 grams peas (frozen is fine)
450 ml vegetable stock
400 ml milk
single cream to garnish

Step 1. sauté onions in butter till translucent.
step 2. add in mint, peas and stock and cook on low heat for 30 min.
Step 3. Take off the burner,  add the milk and puree. Place in fridge to chill for at least two hours.
Step 4. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve with a drizzle of cream.

Also of note this week in the Francalanza house hold is we have been kitten sitting for this sweet fella. He will be very missed when his owner returns to collect him tomorrow.

Today's impromptu muffins were plum and almond..which turned out to be delicious!
General recipe follows (as once again it was spur of the moment and not from a book).

175 grams margarine (keeps it moist when baking with fruit)
200 grams brown sugar
3 eggs
400 grams self raising flour (if not using self raising add around 2 tsp to plain flour)
pinch of salt
150 grams ground almonds
6-8  red plums cooked down and pureed (I had them on hand in the freezer)
1/2 cup milk

Start with the margarine, add the sugar and mix in the eggs, next add the flour and almonds and last the wet ingredients (you can alternate the wet with the dry of course).
makes 24 muffins.

*Often if I buy more fresh plums or peaches then I can possibly eat (or they are not as great tasting as they looked) I cook them down and freeze them to use in smoothies or muffins.



    Sorry , I've been away for a while, I am so busy with the children being outdoors all the time.


  2. My mouth is watering!!

    C x

  3. I wish I could come and live with you Juniper...you always cook up such yummy things and what a cute kitten! Failing that, perhaps we could be neighbors!

  4. Two delicious recipes and a beautiful cat! Who could ask for more from a blog post? I am a huge fan of peas and mint, so I'll definitely be making this soup. We're having a heat wave, too. I can't get enough light, simple dishes in this weather. xo Gigi

  5. Oh! I love cold soup with mint: pea, cucumber, avocado, anything! it is really good. And the muffins look so delicious! Have a happy week sweet Juniper! (I owe you a long mail --- will come shortly)

  6. Beautiful and inspiring blog! Great discovery.

  7. This soup looks beautiful and sounds like it tastes amazing! I am visiting your blog for the first time and I know for sure it will not be the last!

  8. I often make muffins and look forward to making these--anything with plum is yummy. The kitty looks playful, perhaps he will miss your kiddos as much as they will miss him.
    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  9. gigi says it for me juniper! although it's the fig ice cream from the earlier post that i am really eager to try. our figs are just ripening here in l.a. congratulations on the caper collection!


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