16 July 2010

New in the shop

Little bits of bold summer

and for myself an impromptu lab top case (notebook size)
Pockets for pencils and a pen drive


  1. hi beauty,

    i really like the first one. the material is very nice =)

    thanks for your lovely comment on my actual post. very nice, you also wear different sox ;-) i think, just you and me did the corner view of the week. i didn`t find one other cv...

    i wish you a nice weekend,
    yours dani

  2. Very cool! love the shell-like pattern on the laptop case. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Beautiful work! Just lovely. Wish I had a bit extra in my budget this month ;)

  4. Lovely! I have not had a chance to stop by your shop but I am definitely doing that today!

  5. Ooohh they are lovely!! I've an exhibition coming up so will definitely be back if I manage to sell anything!

    C x

  6. I like the orange/beige/white material .....lovely.

  7. pretty, pretty! Love your label too :^)

  8. You can do everything... and beautifully too.
    I love this blog!


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