22 July 2010

Feeling a little daring?

Avocado and lime chilled cheesecake

The Mr. had a birthday this week and I indulged in some full on  cooking time- Mexican in all it's flare takes a little bit of time. Mango salsa, baked black bean burritos, some guacamole and this!  I tried to find a cold desert that would go with Mexican and this one turned out better than I expected.  Actually it was delicious, a good finish to a spicy meal on a very hot evening. Click here for the recipe if you want to give it a try.
Happy Friday to one and all

Hope to see some of you here!


  1. Oh that sounds delicious except that "burritos" (for the life of me I don't know why they would call a dish "little donkeys") is definitely "made North of the border" and is tex-mex... Just teasing it does not really matter now does it?
    And I also felt daring. I made a brioche today! It came out better than I thought. Will post the recipe shortly --really easy.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Burritos, you see why I need to travel to Mexico! I would love to spend some time there. Ah to taste real Mole sauce from the region it comes from!

  3. Juniper,
    How did the cheesecake taste? I can't imagine.
    Come see my cool giveaway girlfriend.

  4. spectacular. i've had avocado in sweet form before (frozen avocado and banana smoothie) but in a cheese cake?! amazing. really want to try this. hope you're enjoying a lovely july, juniper!

  5. As always, I wish we were neighbors, sigh. Looks yummy. Best of luck with the market. A quick ex-pat question, a friend of mine is moving to Italy and wants to be buy a sewing machine with a manual in English. Should she buy an italian machine or a American machine and use an international converter? What do you do?

  6. It's unusual. I think I'll give it a try, after all you are a great cook.

    Was the birthday terrific?


  7. hello beautiful! i wanted to ask you, do you know what the color blue is called that is in your header on the door? I'd like to use it or a copy color.

  8. hmmmm is that an elephant I see on that poster???? front & center?????

  9. Todd, Yes can you believe it - right there in the middle!? Am flattered.

  10. Maggie, I don't know the exact name of the color of that door, it was from a small 1930's flat we rented in the north of the island last summer. I would say something like cobalt blue.

    Theresa, the cheese cake was really really good! The avocado very subtle but the gentle lime and cream a very good combination!

  11. Rachel Robinson26 July 2010 at 03:14

    Hi Juniper. Good to see you at Patches yesterday - although all too quickly ! Thanks agin for the rabbit trade - I'm sure my niece will love her :-) I see you're a great photographer too - and your recipes look amazing - I'll have to try some (and mail you if I get stuck!) Hope to see you in Gozo before too long. Rachel (at Prickly Pear Designs)

  12. Thank you Rachel! Nice to see you and Xavier again! I tried on your earrings as soon as I got back, love them! We hope to make it over to Gozo soon! Thank you for the invite!


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