03 August 2010

day dreaming

So when I am not deep in history books I may be found, sitten in the sun, feet in the kiddy pool, sippen home made lemonade and dreamin of having something like this (found here) in one room or another of my itty bitty house... you see I do miss the constant sight of trees... life in Malta brings with it the constant sight of stone, and at this time of year with the light from the reflection of the sun so intense that there is not much to do but look down. 

A good simple lemonade recipe (makes 2 litres of lemonade concentrated). 
You only need to pour about an inch and half in a tall glass and fill the rest with ice, cold water and a sprig of mint (dash of rose water is pretty nice if you have some on hand- trick from a Lebanese roommate back when I was at University).
7 lemons
600 grams sugar
1.5 litres water

step 1. squeeze the lemons and set aside the juice (reserve two of the rinds).
step 2. boil the sugar in the water along with the lemon rinds - till it has boiled for at least  5 min. 
step. 3 remove rinds and let the water cool, once cool combine with the lemon juice and store in fridge.
whoolaaaa you are good to go for at least a few weeks! 


  1. oh but you managed to have a "little little" tree in your glass with those mint leaves! Lovely post!

  2. I never realized about the lack of trees in Malta. Little tidbits like that are so interesting to me ...
    also - I am going to try out your recipe too :^) thank you Juniper - xo

  3. Love those wall stickers. I have a palm tree sticker on a wall in our vienna apartment :)
    Lemonade with rose water sounds very nice.

  4. Lovely recipe! Good luck with teaching!

  5. Oh I will have to make this lemonade. There are so many lemons in the tree we have in our garden of our new/old house which is now under heavy renovations :)

  6. Ahhhh, just made some lemonade the other day. I think it is my favorite summer drink! (only the amount of sugar!!!!) My lovehandles could do without.....

    Anyway, all we see here: PEOPLe! Lots and lots of them. So I'd be grateful for the stones, LOL

    See you soon on your rock, babe!

  7. We love lemonade, too! My kids actually prefer it over sodas, lucky me I guess. Interesting touch there, rose water. I usually have a pitcher and four color coded tumblers of lemonade in the fridge (one for each of my kids). If I do have enough time I try to make their individual lemonade flavors but they do understand that if it's plain lemonade then mommy's probably busy, lol!

  8. i came across your blog via yoli and so glad i visited - love what i see so far and will be back.

  9. yummy... i like the little tree in your glass... :) nice ideas to have trees on the wall... i really like one quite 'famous' wallpaper that we could see sometimes ago in all decoration magazine, it was like a black grey backgroud with trees in white ... i think it was from osborne&little but not sure! it made a great effect and the ceilings looked higher by the vertical lines... anyway,it's an interesting design to have in mind... :)

  10. me and my friends like drinking sake with lemonade! soo delicious :-)


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