04 August 2010

Like some old time roving hobos

Pokey Lafarge and the 3 c's
This made me smile SMILE .. late last  night while sewing.... perhaps I am missin my lil sister and her guitar playing  (and making) husband... this music makes me think of them. Seems straight out of a different era. I like this guy's face- he is like a living cartoon or something. 
What a name ...Pokey. Find more info here.


  1. ... and it made me smile too! Excellent!

  2. I love 'em! My feet stared tappin' immediately!
    Reminds me of when I was young!

    Oh, thank you!

  3. He does have a great face - very dust bowl era :) Music can really transport and bring a moment back from a time when you first heard the songs... I love how that happens. I am going to follow the link now and take a listen!

  4. I have missed your blog! Have been traveling, just got home...

  5. You make me smile as well !!!

    Have a nice day


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