11 August 2010

Zanzibar ice cream
Named more for an ice cream  I remember loving as child then the exoticness it may allude to. 
Now I am not exactly sure if there ever really was a Zanzibar ice cream that I tried as a child but I seem to remember it and it was most certainly a dark chocolate type (I come from the midwestern state of Wisconsin known for it's dairy products, ice cream being one found in unusual abundance). 

Here is my version of the Zanzibar Ice Cream
  (or dark chocolate ice cream with a hint of mint)
2 cups full or 2 percent milk
3/4 to cup dark cocoa powder ( I used dark Perugina powder) 

(Picture shown) 
*of note, I am  not entirely sure if it is just dark unsweetened cocoa powder or perhaps something you make the thick hot Italian hot chocolate with. 
4 egg yolks
3/4 cup sugar ( I used a tiny bit less than this) 
1 cup single cream
1 spring fresh mint

Heat two cups milk in a medium saucepan. 
Mix 3/4 cup cocoa powder with the milk.
add 3/4 cup sugar ( I used demurera but any plain sugar would do) 
* I like my chocolate ice cream to be on the dark and bitter side as I like to taste the chocolate so you may want to add a little more sugar).
Let the mixture heat just to a gentle simmer (then add one three inch spring of fresh mint) and watch closely so as not to burn for 2-5 min, stirring continuously. Then remove from heat ( also remove the soggy mint spring) and add the 1 cup single cream (in the US it may be safer to use double cream) (here single cream whips just like double cream, only difference I can see is single cream is a little less thick to start with and it is near to impossible to find double cream).
Separately beat 4 egg yolks till fluffy,  (should be ribbon like when you bring a whisk through).
Add the heated milk and cocoa mixture in a tiny smooth stream to the whipped egg yolks, and when completely combined bring the mixture back to the stove top and heat slowly till it thickens enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon, remove and let cool , then refrigerate for a few hours and lastly pour into ice cream churner (this recipe makes about 10 two scoop servings).

The weeks are galloping by at an unusual pace here, sorry I have not managed to write many posts or leave many comments. amid visitors and neolithic temple reading here I have been working on some sewing commissions. But here are a few tiny snippits of the week, 
The season of village feasts, Birgu (our close neighbour) had hers on Tuesday. The sound of fire works and marching bands have been a constant all week. 

Going out, and enjoying skirts ( I go through phases of forgetting to wear them) 
but ahh in summer heat they are the best!

Little creations- oil cloth bag for kids


  1. Wonderful! Perrugina... yum! I love the skirt and the bag. Wonderful colors. Thanks for this summer fun and colorful post. Have a lovely end of the week. Enjoy the festivities!

  2. I smile every time you blog. You always have a wonderful recipe, new photographs...

    Your skirt is beautiful, and I love the bag.


  3. ☼♥ I love everything about this post!!!!

  4. May I have some ice cream ?

    Thanks for the photos too... a great souvenir for me.

  5. now zanzibar ice cream in wisconsin.....that's a wonderful anomaly!! i grew up in neighboring minnesota and would have loved that instead of our typical summertime dessert of neapolitan ice cream....

    what lovely creations you make -- and thanks for the recipe! if i am feeling energetic enough i will give it a try......but at close to 100 degrees today it's way too hot to do much of anything.

    p.s. i signed up to follow your blog, but would also like to list it on my blogroll. just let me know if you're ok with that.........thx!!

  6. yummy... may i taste it? looks gorgeous... love summer and ice cream!

    i love your bag too!

    Thank you juniper for all your encouraging comments on my blog :)

    a bientôt

  7. Juniper, this will be made this weekend and will be great with the macarons I will make tomorrow. I'll send you a virtual macaron (pistache) with a chocolate ganache filling.

    Bon weekend!

  8. Yes - you are right! The Chocolate Shoppe carries Zanzibar Chocolate. Not sure for how long, but I remember it as a child too. So great to see some snippets of your life. Gotta soak up these last days of summer.

  9. Ah Beth!
    Thank you! It's nice to know it isn't just me who remembers that ice cream! I suppose when The Chocolate Shop closed so too ended some of their original flavours.


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