08 August 2010

Happy Monday

Nothing like a full weekend of activities and nice slow meals with friends to help the back to business of Monday mornings! Am coasting from the nice talks, new faces and interesting films caught at this weekend's short film festival. 
Hope your week is starting off well.
I tried out a very tasty new recipe - Zanzibar chocolate ice cream I am calling it- recipe to come soon! Swimsuits to rinse and hang on the rooftop and kitty boxes waiting to be cleaned... 
more soon though! 

p.s. Isn't Zibibbo a fun name for a grape?!   


  1. lovely cheerful photos! so much summer fun in your post. have a wonderful monday and week as well!

  2. nice to have good friends. i wish you a lovely start into the new week =)

  3. It IS a lovely word for a grape! Sounds like a fun weekend.

  4. It's great to start the week well and it sounds like your day was just about perfect (clearing cat poop does not a perfect day make...I know...we have two!).

    C x

  5. your post has made me feel really positive... slow meals is what life should be about, not rushing to do a million things over the weekend so that by the time monday comes you are exhausted.

  6. hi juniper - sounds like all the ingredients of a lovely weekend ---and will look forward to the zanzibar choco recipe....

    thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting♡ it's great to meet a fellow midwesterner with a mediterranean connection!

  7. Keep coasting, it feels so good :^) Malta must be a hip place to have a film festival - how fun that would be... enjoy!

  8. I read you, look at your beautiful pictures and my week is "starting off well"!

  9. Juniper, I'll be waiting for the yummy recipe and in the meantime, I'll be right over for a glass of wine! Hah! I agree with you .... Zibibbo is a great name for a grape! I love your photo collage!

  10. Malta, oh Malta!! You call to me!

    I love the way you intertwined the photographs. And yes, Zibibbo sounds like a great name for a grape. Is it sweet?

  11. dear juniper, what a wonderful name! and what a wonderful magic place to live. thank you so much for your words. you made me really happy. zibibbo is a funny name, but oh i prefer zanzibar chocolate ice cream. sounds really delicious. looking forward to the recipe. happy happy week*


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