14 September 2010

Back from America

Hope you all are well. My trip to the states for the funeral of my grandmother was bitter sweet.  I still deeply regret that I did not get the chance to see her in person one last time before she passed away but going to where she lived and being around family and her old friends gave a very soothing, peaceful kind of closure. I am including in this post a few old family pictures of her.

Young Alice second from right

Alice, in the center

Grown Alice with her daughter

Alice, second from left, with her siblings.

A photo of my great grandmother's wedding, don't you love those hats! 


  1. A beautiful tribute. I am sorry for your loss, Juniper. I lost my grandmother a few years ago, she was 100. There is nothing like a grandmother.

  2. Theresa, how amazing that she lived to be 100. I agree there is nothing like a grandmother.

  3. Thanks Kle, they were just a few I snapped photos of at her house.

  4. Welcome back! we missed you!
    These photos are lovely... what a classy lady she was! and your tribute is beautiful. Thank you for this.

  5. Welcome home! Your Gram was lovely! And yes I love those hats, trying to envision all those bridemaids in color on a nice sunny day makes me think of a wedding Jane Austen would write about.

  6. what gorgeous fotos - especially the last one -- it almost has a pre-raphaelite feeling to it.

    i'm sorry you didn't have a chance to visit with your grandmother one more time, but it's good you were able to return home to pay tribute to her memory and be with family. that is healing in itself.

    welcome home ~ xo

  7. Te echaba de Menos ... Qué tan Maravillosas fotos y era guapa Que tu abuela !

  8. I am very glad that you made it home safely,and that your trip was a one filled with love and memories.
    Thank you so much for sharing pics of your Grandmother,she was such a beautiful lady!
    And yes!
    I LOVE that pic of the wedding!
    The hats!
    The flowers!

  9. Those photos are such treasures - beautiful grandmother, beautiful family. xoxo

  10. Hi juniper! Good to see you back!
    The pictures are beautiful and your grandmother seemed to be a stunning lady!
    A few years ago i worked from old photos for my art, i like the atmosphere. Hope you are well :)

  11. I missed you. She was so pretty, and the photographs are just stunning.

    I am very sorry for your loss. I grew up with my Grandmother. They are very special women, woven into our lives.

    God bless you,

  12. Aw Juniper, I'm so sorry to hear the news! What a treasure to have those photographs and connect with her that way, even if you weren't able to meet her. Sending you much love and prayers, xo.

  13. I am so sorry about your grandmother, Juniper. These wonderful photos are a beautiful tribute to her memory. Those hats in the photo of your great grandmother's wedding are gorgeous! And your grandmother was a stunning woman. xo Gigi

  14. What beautiful photos and what a fantastic tibute to your grandmother xx


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