15 September 2010

Wednesday's cornerview: 'seven'

Seven delicious little stroop waffles from the Netherlands, 
perfect with our afternoon tea, thank you Guusje! 
For more corner views go here

By the way, here was the look out the window at midday today- it's time again for rain, summer is at its end. Storms thundering in  - pomegranate season has started. 

the rooftop view


  1. What a dramatic sky! And I love your mugs ;)

  2. Wonderful idea for "seven". The photos of the gathering storm are beautiful! and the pomegranate... so so good! Here also they are appearing the market.
    Don't forget your umbrella!

  3. Isn't the smell of rain wonderful after long hot days of summer.

  4. Your photographs are beautiful! I love thunderstorms.... but yours are so much prettier than ours!

    I'm going to ask Greg to look for pomegrantes in the store. I hope he finds some.

  5. hmmmm....7 stroopwafels with a thundery sky, that will explode in your mouth ;-)

  6. Great photo's Juniper! and yummy stroopwafels from Guus!

  7. Living on the Gulf of Mexico we have many opportunities to view an approaching storm. I love the sunlight/dark clouds view of contrast that you have captured so beautifully in your photos.

    I was away and missed your return to Malta but enjoyed the beautiful old photos of your family. Welcome "home"



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