21 October 2010

its been a little bit of a wet week here and I have gotten caught out in the wind 
and rain more than once...
thus the late night searching....
time for a new rain coat. 
This site (Rainfrog) made me smile--- orders almost in the mail- a wee early birthday present for myself I was thinking. You see my old one is from ahum..cough..12 years ago,
 it has made it through treks in China and Laos, to Pai (Thailand) and Perugia, Pike street walks in Seattle to Brighton strolls by the then still standing Palace Pier. Meeting he Mr. 
Pregnancy days when it was all new- waddling through the wet lanes with a big belly and the quiet excitement of the unknown future ...as a mother! To sheltering one, then another, then another wee one tucked snug in a baby bjorn as rains fell (which was especially often) when we lived in England. 
Now days though my raincoat is no longer resistant and the time has come to let it go- memories and all.   
Am tempted by this one but am open to any suggestions - am on the look out. 


  1. THis one is so bright and happy! I love that.

  2. I thought so too and I could really use something peppy, this teaching job is sucking the life right out of me.

  3. Yup love it and you are dotty in your own way!:)

  4. Very neat site! I love all the fun patterns and colors they use. Definitely a nice change to the normal dreary rainwear

  5. Love this one!! It really does scream out happy.....

  6. That is super!! Something I will have to think of...now that we've sold our house and will be moving to Malta November 9th. The last raincoat I owned, was, telling my age, back in 70's in England! Since then, lived in countries where you hop in and out of the car, and on rare occasions, open an umbrella!

  7. What a lovely site Jup :) makes me feel like a raincoat too!!!

  8. With your coloring, this coat is perfect. It's happy, bright and cheerful. You really need it, you know.


  9. Love it. You will be spotted by all.
    Helen Tilston


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