17 October 2010

Blue skies and the finding of new friends

Two of life's simplest delights.

My middle child, 
she -with- curls
found a new friend today, 
sometimes it can happen in a moment!
Was heart warming to witness.
 I was lucky enough this week to catch a view of a wondrous sky, made me wish I possessed the words of a poet, would have certainly written a poem. The sight had the pleasing affect of making me feel caught up in some vast net, like a small fish, the magic of something larger (a nice feeling after an especially exhausting week).

Hope your weekend has been a little restorative. 
- J 


  1. juniper - that's lovely when your child makes a new friend -- and believe me, it's not only when they're little that it's heartwarming to mom - with a son just off to college it still feels good to hear this news!

    what a lovely foto of the clouds.......magical~

  2. Hi Juniper - your beautiful photos look like paintings, I had to take a second look just to make sure. And your descriptive words - maybe not in poem form, but I felt the depth, even still.

  3. Oh! but you do possess the words of the poet! this post is beautiful! life's beautiful pleasures... Thank you sweet Juniper.

  4. What a sky! Juniper I included your suggestion of "pondering" for next week's corner view. Hope you're okay with that, and that you are still in... :)

  5. I don't really need words, with your beautiful photos ;)

  6. that sky is unbelievable. the few times i can observe it for real, i simply can't believe its beauty. i am definitely a cloud lover... wonderful picture!!!

  7. both are such sweet events! love this pairing.

  8. Beautiful pics...and how lovely for your little girl.


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