11 October 2010

Of tombs, lizards and candlelight

(Top photo care of the lovely Liz at Malta Inside Out)
Birgu by candlelight was a pure delight, the magic of this ancient city was beautifully enhanced by a night of only candles, local food, music and wine
It was my first time going (and surely not my last!)
The great wall of Malta!
While walking near Dwerja we crossed this bridge, made under the rule of queen Victoria (straight through what I understand are Punic tombs! Seen along the bottom of the rock face in he far left picture.

While out on our Sunday hike we crossed this little fellow on the path, Mr. T was brave enough to hold him , notice his feet!

Lastly but easily the highlight of the entire day for the children were these kittens jumping the fence to come home with us. We very nearly did bring them back with us!

Lastly to this epic post is a special thanks
 to Mr.C, who apart from showing us the way was endlessly patient with the children, stopping to point out and explain local bugs, plants and trees.We look forward to our next adventure with him! 


  1. you have a great wall in Malta! how long does it take you to walk its distance? your little boy is brave to hold that lizard and those kitties are so darn cute.

    what a wonderful way to spend the weekend!

  2. Beautiful photos! What a lovely place to live and explore.

  3. Everything looks so lovely! And the lizard! yes I did notice his feet. And what a brave son you have!
    Thanks for your kind comments on the recent posts. I am touched. I promise a more personal mail as soon as I can.
    Much love to all.

  4. hey that guy looks absolutely prehistoric!

  5. A city by candlelight! Pure heaven.

  6. Mlle, That's exactly what I thought- and he has this great tail which is in a long spiral

  7. Lizard? That's a dragon! I've been to Malta on various occasions but never saw a critter like that.

  8. what lovely photos and a lovely way to spend the weekend. I wanted to go to the birgu fest but my crew were tired and the little one a little sick :(

    How funny and what a coincedence....Andy too was very brave this weekend and held a guinea pig for a long time !!

  9. That's a chameleon. Cute creatures. I forgot about Birgufest. Wish I didn't. It looks like it was pretty spectacular.

  10. Yes Loree, precisely- it is a chameleon!! The Birgu fest is well worth a visit.

  11. Great phoos! I am now ready to go to Malta.

  12. The colors of Malta are always beautiful. I'ld like to see your new friend, Mr chameleon !

  13. I love these photos, Juniper! They make me want to be there. And I have to say that I find that lizard incredibly cute--the kitties, too, of course!

    xo Gigi

  14. oh those kittens, Mila would love them and would bring them home with us ;-)


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