14 November 2010


 I was given an early birthday gift this weekend (I confess that I am a  cookbook addict, especially those kinds with pictures of not just food but that show the people and places the food came from). I must say, for all the hype around dear plain speaking Jamie Oliver, I do still like him and his books. He is an artist at heart with a good eye for the sometimes unglamorous but delicious authentic foods out there.  I like the way he pays homage to the people who taught him recipes and tricks along the way. His latest cookbook is no less lovely and inspiring than his Italy one.

So here's hoping to fit in some time to cook amid the work stress! 
Cheers and a happy Monday to you!


  1. Oh I too have that addiction :)) and there are so many good cookbooks out there. Jamie Oliver is one of my favourites,however at the moment I am eyeing the latest cookbook of Nigella Lawson, I just like the way she expresses herself. Wish you a lovely week :))

  2. Oh - I didn't know that she had a new book out! I really like her Feast book, pictures, comments, recipes and all!

  3. That looks like a great book. I've never seen any of his books. I'll have to see if the library has a copy. Yum ;)

  4. I love Jamie too. His recipes are simple but taste wonderful.

  5. I love Jamie Oliver :) He is so spirited, and he is doing such interesting things with his TED prize.
    Happy early Birthday to you lovely Juniper of the Mediterranean xx

  6. How lovely to see life in such a different climate to my own here in snowy England.
    I love Jamie too, his passion and his caring attitude. His cooking is pretty good too!
    Kat x


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