09 November 2010

As time goes by

Fate brought us back via a lazy Sunday kid martial arts morning to the tiny tucked away village of Zebbug (pronounced Zeebuj) which in Maltese translates into Olives.  
As the two older children learned to sit quietly and still, my husband and I wandered the familiar streets, it's been five years since I walked through the tiny alley ways  of this hilltop village. 
We lived here for a short spell in 2005, in fact that is where my Magpie child was born, at home in a four hundred year old house under an arch carved from Stone. 
Today that same Scorpian child turns five. Oh how time goes by - as beautifully put by Souad Massi (whose song helped welcome her into the world). 

We found our way along the very same tiny windy road, passed the very same old garden I used to weave stories to little Tano about ..
forbidden still,  a forgotten garden, part of a closed up abandoned villa... 
Peering through the gate and wondering this time with little D. ... what games, old fountains, and fancy people once strolled through its grand paths? 

Somehow a feeling of peace, to find myself back at it's rusted lock, this time with another child. As if for a very small moment I nodded to the ghost of my pregnant self, she who was jarred by the transition to the small island and at that time terribly lonely in the new surroundings.

A few photos from that time...
*(We lived in Malta for a small window of 8 months before work drew us back to England)

Sorry no Cornerview this week, I will take part again next week. 


  1. Oh, the stories that one could imagine about that forbidden and forgotten garden!

  2. I love that you share these little glimpses into your world :-)

    C x

  3. Oh this is beautiful Juniper! I am so moved after reading your text and more so after seeing the photos! especially the one of you & A. after the birth... Yes "as time goes by" and not to sound too corny (which I do, but then again that might elicit a smile?) "you will always have Zebbug..." And happy birthday to the little one and big kisses to all!

  4. so who needs a corner view when you have stories and pictures like that!

    unbelievably romantic to us ordinary folk!

  5. How beautiful!
    I love your stories and the way you talk about your children, they're lucky to have you as their mother, no doubt!

    tell me how can I rent this magical house to give birth myself!!!!

  6. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing. I hate to think of YOU (the person that can make the best of ANY SITUATION) as lonely, humbug. I'm so happy that the second time around has been so joyful.

  7. the place you describe sounds magical and the images you provided are beautiful.

  8. hi there, found you through cornver view :)
    life in Malta huh?!.. sounds interesting

  9. What a wonderful life experience you have had. Thank you for sharing a piece of them. Juniper - sweet life, sweet babies, happy life...

  10. Hi Juniper,
    What a blog!! I read all your third year in Malta. You said if you were a poet, you'd right poems, but here you write amazing prose. Lovely pics as well.
    BTW, we thought of you on our trip to Venice, cause we had this amazing ice-cream. Every evening we used to take a 30 minute walk to have our ice-cream dessert.
    Thanks for the toy, Giulia loves it. Say hi to everyone for me xx


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