02 December 2010


Am blown over at the moment, 
back to work full time is one thing and first year of full time teaching another. 
Parents day (half way through) is quite an experience I must say, when its from the teacher side..(till now I had only been on the parent side). 
Back to the confession bit... so I have no time
 none at all,
 not for crafting, 
emailing , calling, creativity in cooking or baking 
or sewing these days and for sure not time enough to be up to date with
 the laundry or  the housework 
 I have somehow managed to squeeze in 
(READ -  make time for)
 Wee 30 min bits of time 
to watch this new series (not so very new I guess but new to me)

  I heard an interview about it recently 
(on the radio show NPR fresh air) 
 it's a show called In Treatment. 
I  have never gone to therapy myself but
 I find the premise and the episodes fascinating
very thought provoking ...(and very well acted)
 so yes I ought to be ... dusting, sweeping folding laundry, preparing lunches, signing fieldtrip forms, making up field trips forms and worksheets  but I am in all honesty trying also to fit in a bit of 'me' time ...a.k.a wake up the mind time... something apart from the family and work.. 
sometimes we all need that  right? 
 I know I do ....to feel whole.. and alive.. this new series is my guilty indulgence... 
what about you? 
What bit of 'me' time do you make time for ? 

*apologies another Cornerview missed, I may have to remove myself for this year. 


  1. I can understand you ... so, so well. I guess my indulgence is blogging.

  2. my 'me' time ?
    sending you emails !!!
    Keep up dear, soon will come the holidays!

  3. Hopefully you will find some time to yourself as the year draws to an end. No worries about the housework it is always there, so enjoy your show.

  4. In Treatment! Yes! I've only seen the first season, but looking forward to more. It was so addictive. Don't you just love "Sophie" ? I want more, more, more ...

    Good for you for making "me time" - Take care!

  5. It is so very difficult to juggle it all, isn't it? I manage to carve "me" time by hiring someone to help with chores around our house. Otherwise, I'd be cranky ALL. THE. TIME.

  6. Catching up on the past two seasons of The Office (American version) has provided some much needed laugh out loud "me" time. Thanks for the reminder of In Treatment. Have you seen United States of Tara yet?

    Hoping things start to settle down a bit for you and that you are able to carve out more time for yourself.

  7. Hello! I have not seen this show and well I am wayyyy back on any new TV series. I have been living in backwaters for the past few years as you know...
    About "me" time--- yes so so essential. I think of you and I am in constant admiration with all you do. I wake up very early just to have some time for me and still I feel I can't manage. Well it's late here so off I go to saw some buttons! (something I am really incapable of doing it right!).
    Kisses and have a lovely week end!

  8. We love InTreatment, are on the third season. Good catch. I don't know how you keep in touch with it all. Good luck with the juggling act.


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