05 December 2010


A slow weekend feels utterly delicious ....

a few of my gang were under the weather so we sadly had to opt out of picnic and art sessions
but with the cold winds finally blowing (its around 13 now) (nothing like the white wonderland the South of England has been having or Germany or Wisconsin or Colorado) but it felt really cold to us, so it was nice to stay in, cut out paper snowflakes, get down the Christmas box, put some lights up (and with my Mr. Grinch away working) I could blast cheesy Christmas songs with no worry!

The wild ones; magpie, lego-head and D are the most excited yet.. every day really is a count down
(which confuses little D so she plays it safe and every morning asks to be sure- is it today??!!! Christmas birthday is today?! ) NOOOOoooooo come all our  voices ....not yet.
 I think in her mind Christmas is Father Christmas's birthday.
We baked cookies and danced around to Louis Armstrong's ... Zatt you Santa Claus.
I do love the season... time again for chocolate chestnut soup!
Happy start of December to you all.


  1. 'Christmas is a coming and the egg is in the nog
    Time to give a friendly man a friendly little dog.
    If you haven't got a friendly dog,
    a friendly cat will do-
    If you haven't got a friendly cat,
    may God bless you!
    Love cheesy carols. A friendly cat is waiting.

  2. Oh! How lovely! I love the repeated questioning... And you describe it so well I can just imagine the scene in the morning! Happy days to all of you!

  3. 13 is cold, especially if the wind is blowing!
    how exciting it must be for the kids. do you have a little advent calendar? maybe that would help your little D to visually see the count down?

    tonight we are celebrating Nicholas day. so we are heading to a friend's house to 'see st.claus'. not sure how Beli will react to see him again.

    have a fun week!

  4. I love visiting your blog and seeing what someone else is up to in another part of this island. It might be an idea to organise a party for Malta bloggers or something.

  5. Loree- if I had more time it would be a fun thing to do. Maybe a coffee in Valletta sometime?

  6. Hi Juniper, I love this post, it's all full of season spirit. Would love to catch up quickly with you over a coffee somewhere for an hour or so. Mine are all on countdown mode too :)) xx

  7. Thanks Dina, and yes to a coffee or a cup of that Italian thick hot chocolate!

  8. Wish you nice time dear, with beautiful weather!!!
    Thank you, I really enjoyed of the pics!!!
    p.s.about the title of my post: I don't know yet! ;)

  9. Oh, sounds lovely! We are getting in the spirit too around here, though while it snows in the mountains (close enough to see from here) it remains mild and snow-free here in Denver! My little is sick this week too, but we spent the morning cutting out and decorating paper snowmen. Fortunately for me, my husband is as much of a sap about Christmas as I am, and loves playing Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald and decorating the house ;)
    ps - Do share that purple/pink pasta recipe, please!!

  10. ps - my daughter's favorite thing to eat when she's sick: grapes frozen and then dipped in sugar!

  11. chocolate chestnut soup! wow! what a concept! yes it sounds like you're all rockin the season! (phooey to grinches!)

  12. Sorry your gang was under the weather, but it sounds like a good thing. I am just in the process of putting my first patch of your hazelnut cresents in the oven. I they work out. I have never made these before. Happy Holidays.

  13. It is rainy and windy here in Seattle too. Happy jolly winter to you.

  14. So glad you were able to relax a bit. Hubby's can really be Mr. Grinch's sometimes, can't they? I like to slowly decorate for Christmas, sipping cocoa and listening to music...for hubby it's a race to see how fast it can be over! Your home looks so cozy and warm...lucky children :)

  15. You are always so positive, even when tired, and busy. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I don't know if we can get the nuts here, but I will try.


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