27 January 2011


I leave the house at 7 every morning and cross the island to the school I teach at, tucked in a valley in the far north of the island. This photo was caught out the car window on my way to work.
Happy Friday to you all.... I for one am sooooo glad it's here.
Has been one of those weeks, not time for Maltese lessons, not even time for Zumba class
(which is mighty fun!)
the finale to a crummy week was slamming my own hand in the car door - have a black thumb today.


  1. sorry to hear of your ordinary week....i am pleased it is friday too. first week back at school and it seemed like a long one! Love the image that you pass by. Dayle

  2. My week was also not the best week ever and I amd happy to for the weekend. What a wunderful place you live, our skyline is filled with lots of high buildings...
    Happy weekend! xo Erika

  3. ouch. oouuucch.
    what an amazing capture from your car!
    hope you have a relaxing weekend.

  4. That pic is SENSATIONal! wHAT A SKYLINE!!!
    You should print these into postcards!
    kisses and HAppy FRIDAY!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  5. I guess we all had a bit of a rough week. I too was happy that Friday came and also with it came some relaxing gardening time, I've planted a couple of roses, cut some more lemons from our tree ;) and also the tedious job of cutting out the nettle... which buy the way burns the skin if you are not wearing gloves. Oh well I wish you a relaxing weekend :))

  6. Beautiful photo! Enjoy your weekend and take care of that finger. We want you in one piece! Many kisses and smiles.

  7. not good... sorry to hear that... painful...
    just a little note to let you know my new blog is on :) hope you have a really nice week-end!
    ps:what a view!!! and the colors, fantastic!

  8. Ouchhh, I slammed my hand in the car once and lost a thumbnail in the process. Nasty! Empathise. And there's me thinking how hard done by I am being up and in the shower at 7am let alone on the road at that time. I won't complain next week - I'll be thinking of you! Not sure how you manage all your commitments! Puts me to shame....hope next week better all round!

  9. yeah sounds like a lousy week! i did that once years ago. not something you want to repeat! take it easy! "lots of sweet tea" the brits will tell you!

  10. hope your thumb is healing.
    what a lovely and magical view you have on your way to work though. sorry you missed your zumba class. maybe next week it will be better?

  11. Sorry about your finger. I hope it doesn't hurt too much now. Gorgeous Sunset!

  12. This is perfect photo! Beautiful.

    PS Hope your thumb is better...


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