02 February 2011

Wednesday's Cornerview: Evening Light

 I am very fond of  the closing softness of the day, it's golden light. 


  1. Oh Juniper this is just so precious! Thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness, this shot is amazing,Thank you so much dear Juniper!!!

  3. I love when the clouds are a canvas for the evening sun and it's farewell.

  4. thank you for your words of encouragement. you are right, it's tough living in limbo, and the added pressure of finding a job doesn't make it easier, but I'm trying, for Beli and my family's sake. I didn't know you lived in Norway, I can imagine it's a cold place to live in. I think now with a new month, I need a new attitude.....thanks again..Elisa

  5. Me too! And this one takes my breath away...

  6. who wouldn't be with those skies above you?
    truly grandiose.

    I like that moment too, it only goes too quickly... (and I know that is precisely the beauty of it, but still. greedy ninja :)


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