21 January 2011

Happy Weekend

Its time again for kumquat ricotta cheese cake (recipe here), 
our little tree's branches are heavy with fruit!
It also is the season of artichokes so I will be stuffing them soon (recipe) mmmmmm, 
looking forward to it!
Aside from some left over smiles from a Zumba class, food is clearly on my mind, 
have not been cooking as much as usual this year and I miss it! 

Hope you are sleeping in, enjoying a slooooowwww coffee and the paper ...or a leisurely conversation as you walk with an old friend, so many small pleasures to have when the weekend comes, 
don't you think? 
* Special note, we had the unexpected pleasure last weekend of having round some guests from Sicily, a blog friend you may know (Dim Sum, Bagels and Crawfish) and what a treat it was!! A delight to meet her and the rest of her lovely family in person, (it felt almost like an old friend coming round for tea!)
.... good conversations, laughter  and excited happy kids all around! 


  1. amazing pics... i love your new blogheader. wasn`t here for a long time ;-)

  2. Wow, kumquats and artichokes. We've got 6" of snow and more on the way tonight...navel oranges are plentiful at the store. Does that count?! Haha! I am enjoying the cozy days indoors reading, doing puzzles, knitting, etc. though. Can't justify such laziness in the warmer months :)

  3. We can grow kumquats where I live and we see them beginning in November... mostly I have made marmelade but your recipe sounds delish! Now I need to check out your artichoke recipe... great photos, Juniper


  4. what a wonderful week you had, how exciting that you had the opportunity to meet another fellow blogger!
    You know I have heard about zumba dance, sounds like fun. I love artichokes, my Mother-in-law taught me how to prepare them with peas, breadcrumbs and olive oil and some salt and pepper, how do you prepare them?

    I'm enjoying a verrrryyyyy slow morning, it's freezing here and I don't really want to get out of bed but one hungry kid is calling my name.

    Enjoy your weekend! and ricotta cheesecake, I will have to go and read the recipe.yum!

  5. Thanks for the recipe Jupe! I think it will be fun to try...!

  6. Feet up by the fire and thinking of you (and those stuffed artichokes). Final hatching of Malta plans soon.

  7. I have just discovered your blog! A truly beautiful blog! Looking forward to your next posts :)

  8. Artichokes!
    I am ever so jealous!

  9. Welcome back from the US! I was in the UK for a month over Xmas and find it takes a good 2 weeks each time to get back into Malta life! A wonderful reminder this post though of those small things to enjoy here - like fruit in season. I write and work this morning to the smell of bitter oranges simmering ready for night time marmalade making! The first batch of the year! Wied Incita nursery, Attard, gives them away for free! No one makes their own any more said the lovely man at the kiosk there. One more little gem of Malta life! But I still miss the UK, weird! Hope to see you before too much of 2011 goes by on our small island called home.

  10. Hi! Wow your little tree has blossomed. Isn't it wonderful to see such an overflowing tree. In our garden our lemon tree is giving us more than we can handle and I'm trying to see what to do with all them lemons. By the way I loved the music link of your previous post. I would love to create a cd with all the wonderful music you post. Hope to meet up soon :))

  11. Hello! Hello! I tried to post a comment yesterday which I am certain was something intelligent... and the Internet went bust as it does in this part of the world... Oh well... so you will just get my usual babble.
    I love these photos! How can you make artichokes look so delicate?!
    Many kisses and hugs for the week and more.

  12. Do I get a taste of pie? pretty please?!!

  13. Yum! Yum! Wish I was there with you and yours for that cup of coffee.

  14. Your little tree is sooooo beautiful! :)
    About the snow in my town,Mostly in December & January we have snow,but not heavy and it melts soon!I Love Snow!!! :)

  15. Your pictures are lovely and it sounds like you have had a little rest and relaxation with friends.
    Did you like Zumba? I have ben thinking about joining a class.

  16. All that luxuriance of things growing out of doors...seems almost unimaginable from our winter world!

  17. Liz, thank you for the tip on bitter oranges- we will be heading to Attard this weekend! I may be asking you soon for the recipe!

    Annie- will try to get you a piece! Bormla is not far!

    Dina- happy to hear you liked the song!

  18. Love that first shot. The light in your courtyard is really beautiful. We had a great time and are seriously already planning a return trip. Hope you guys will take us up on our offer and visit Sicily soon. Thanks to all of you for a wonderful Sunday morning of waffles and new friendship.


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