15 January 2011

New books and tunes

From the book Orlando the Marmalade Cat, a camping holiday.
Pictured above is his wife singing to the family before bed.
Nothing like some new books to start the new year off right-
 (on my end Country Driving, a journey through China from farm to factory)

As for music- this is the latest hit in our house.
The original song that my kids got hooked on in the car yesterday and which may well become the theme song for the start of 2011 and this is a version that is pretty darn sweet.


  1. Great tune! Great looking books, too. Thanks.

  2. Glad you like it too! Its pretty sweet to hear the kids singing, "Take me home, ohh home is when ever I am with you..." The Orlando books are great - from the 1930's with really nice illustrations.

  3. Love their tunes...

    Home, Let me come Home
    Home is Whenever Im with you
    Home, yes I am Home
    Home is wherever Im with you

    Lalalala Take me Home
    Mama Im Coming Home

    Fortunately, the words are easy to remember... The dad/daughter combo is precious!


  4. Oh love the illustration, so cool.
    Will amazon that one out!

  5. I can just picture you singing the song to your children just like in Orlando! Big kisses!

  6. I can see why the children like the song. It is pretty catchy. I feel like I should be riding on a horse listening to it crossing the desert. Love the illustrations of the book. I need to head to the library. We could use some new books around here. I have had enough of Dora's Christmas and How do Dinasaurs Say I lOve you.

  7. LOVE jorge and alexa! sending this one to my hubby!

  8. Nice book and music! For a perfect day?
    Have a sweet day


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