10 March 2011

Carnival 2011

Took only a handful of shots this year, (my two wee fairies and grumpy pirate were not much for waiting around for me to snatch out my camera). 
Thought I would share a few shots of the weekend in Valletta.
May be a bit quiet on the blog front for some days. 
Grandma is in town! 


  1. So cool. I was just thinking yesterday, I really like Malta! Have fun with your mom, sweetie, indulge! xxg

  2. Hi there~the costumes and makeup are so beautiful. Everything always seems so colorful where you live :)

  3. Will we get to see the little fairies and the grumpy pirate? Would love to!!!

  4. Beautiful costumes. Enjoy time with grandma!

  5. Wow, look at that!! I love the little one, so proud in her costume!

  6. That looks like great fun. Any excuse to dress up is good by me!!


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