06 March 2011

What one brings back from England (part 2)

I love nothing better than to try a new tea (although Twinning Assam is still my all time favourite - Twining Earl Grey a close second when it comes to black tea ).
In living in a country with no indoor heating herbal tea has taken on a new cherished place.
So I was thrilled to bring some interesting sounding combinations back with me. 

On to something totally unrelated- music
A little something to share...
 - RUMOUR HAS IT by the British Adele,
note: you may just want to be standing because this song makes you want to move.
The album has just been released in the states.

-SECOND CHANCE BY Peter Bjorn and JOhn (catchy like that first one we all got stuck in our head)

( on the pop side and cheery but when you are stuck inside cleaning and correcting the last of exams thats exactly what you need).


  1. I would drink that tea just for the beautiful packaging! Hope its good, my friend.

  2. gorgeous teas! i was happy/conflicted since i just realized that the dean and deluca's here in nyc now carries my favorite mariage freres tea... for $20/box!!! well, just for special occasions, i guess. enjoy your cuppa. xoxo

  3. Twinings Earl Grey is my favorite black tea ... enjoy your new combinations :)

  4. Dear Juniper,

    I am sitting here with a cup of Twinings Earl Grey (and loady of milk) and just make a small pause from preparing our little man's Birthday tomorrow - three - ohhhhh no more Baby anymore...

    Have a great time, take care,


  5. Enjoy your teas! So sad that from here with the Internet sooooo restricted I can't open the links of music. But I will keep them in mind. Many kisses and happy March!


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