07 July 2011


Liliana in the San Anton Gardens

Finished at last!!! 
Hop, skip, jump for joy!
Last of the exams corrected, reports sent off, classroom cleared out.  sigh
My first year of teaching behind me! Changing career paths after the bubble of having kids was a major move and this first year of full time teaching - and teaching subjects I knew very little about initially was CHALLENGING, would never in a million years have guessed I would get to know so much about Mediterranean history and more specifically Maltese history!

Also learned to drive this year, something I hesitated doing for (good god) 20 years! Ever since a bad accident scared me when I was almost 16. 
Ohhh my the freedom!!  
Am so happy to be exploring the little tiny maze like roads around this island. Also to be able to take the gang to the beach, parks or where-ever at a moments notice.

Caper Collection is back! -  am sewing again and madly trying to finish enough bits and bobs for the artisan market this Sunday (those of you in Malta do come by)! 
(Etsy shop soon to be back up and running).

Last but not least,  a wee bit of extra news -  it seems a little spirit out there thought our family was not complete yet- so by January if everything goes smoothly there will be four children in this house! Crazy.

Apologies for being so silent these last few weeks, am happy to be back and finally able to stop and visit your blogs and respond to emails and comments properly. 
* * *  


  1. Hi Juniper
    What a wonderful post so full of great news.
    Congratulations on your teaching profession and for mastering so much. Learning to drive super. Is'nt it curious how once one gets their license they are off motoring and never look back and wonder why we waited so long (I was 33yrs when I got my license)and lastly, and most important congratulations on the addition of a new baby to your family - are you knitting.
    Best wishes and thanks for this good news blog

  2. Thanks Helen, nice to hear I am not the only one who waited so long to get their licence! Am certainly kicking myself for not doing so sooner. Am sewing at the moment but maybe I will return to knitting by winter time.

  3. Congratulations on your first year of teaching AND on learning how to drive. That is BIG!! I did not get my license until I was 21, and after that, did not get my first car until I was 24 - all because I was scared of driving and of going fast... fear! I am so happy I did finally get my own car, because it opened up another world for me. It was like I had reached a whole new level of independence. Congrats to you :o) I'm really enjoying reading your blog!

  4. I can hear your excitement! yay. lots of good news. Congrats on driving. I know, I felt the same when we lived in Croatia, I was so scared about driving, but when I did, it felt great not having to depend on hubby to take me places.:) A baby?! that's always great news. how exciting!

  5. What a post! It's bursting with news. Well done on plucking up your courage to start driving. You'll be discovering so many new places with the kids now..And finally congrats on your addition! How truly exciting!

  6. Wow this has been an eventful year for you- teaching, learning to drive and now a new little one on the way! Congrats- on everything :)

  7. Excellent news on all fronts! Being independent is heady stuff too!

  8. Great news: end of school, driving license, and the best yet... a baby on the way!

    Congratulations, and I hope that your summer break is wonderful!


  9. Hello! Hello! I read your comment and re-read it, then came here and read your lovely lovely post and re-read it again. Still found it lovely and well I am so so happy your are waiting for a four little one... Oh my so much happening! It is wonderful! And all in a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean... Many kisses from far away but very close at heart.

  10. So happy for you! What wonderful adventures ahead. Great to have the time to take your sewing machine out for a spin again. Looking forward to seeing your items on Etsy again (but NO rush!)

  11. Wow. So many congrats are in order. Hooray!

  12. Congratulations! So many amazing things in your life - so exciting. Take care and kick back and enjoy your summer. Happy freedom, happy sewing, happy "news", happy summer!

  13. So much exciting news and updates! Wow! Congratulations. We just returned from a trip to Europe. Lots of love to all.

  14. Congrats :-) Am so happy for you all!! The Francalanza family increasing :-) Prosit for the driving, it will be a relief for you. You'll be glad to be driving rather than taking the bus these days... Enjoy summer!!

  15. Mazel Tov on the baby news! Finally catching up on blog reading and I can tell we missed quite a bit :) Hope you are feeling well and that all continues to go smoothly with your pregnancy.


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