12 July 2011

When the summer heat keeps you awake....

You just may if you are anything like me 
find yourself late at night stumbling upon sites 
that make you stop and gaze and wish for the winning lotto ticket.....
so you could whip your house into some stunning trendy delight.  

Pop over and have a gander at this find (West Elm). 
New for me but perhaps some of you have known all about it. 


  1. Juniper

    Great post, you and I are on a similar theme this week, I called my post Beware of Night Ramblings
    I love the feel of the room you posted.
    My best

  2. First congrts on the new family member. It will be good to see you all -I think that you are coming this summer? I bought some things from WE this spring..Three glass vessels that hang in the window. I am slowly making them into terrariums. How was your sale?

  3. Such light! I love it all!

  4. I drooled over West Elm when we were kitting out our new house (now five years ago!) Love those bowls! ox

  5. How hot does it get there? Do you have air conditioning? I've never heard of that site either but I love those bowls. Try to stay cool.

  6. lOVE THESE BOWLS!!!! Thanks for sharing this site.

  7. ha! common ailment on the blogosphere :)

    have been rather erratic re cv too. cannot seem to find the time; time has turned into a rather slippery bugger these days :)

  8. I couldn't have white couches and a husband at the same time - men are dirt magnets! I could dream though... :^)

  9. Very true, maybe a light grey though. I think it's the the light airiness of the room which appeals to me.

  10. Just spent the last half hour reading back through your blog. I am completely enchanted. And somewhat envious! What a fascinating, wondrous place you live, and what a beautiful blog you have created.
    Thank you! I'll definitely be back.

  11. And CONGRATULATIONS!! Four is so much fun! :-)

  12. Thank you Ciara, and a fourth child being fun is just what I needed to hear! At the moment it's been feeling daunting!


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