21 July 2011

Ode to afternoon naps

One of my secret pleasures of these hot summer months 
is taking the time mid day for a siesta, a proper lie down, 
little D sleeps (for hours!), the oldest boy child quietly reads on the sofa and builds lego worlds. 
My magpie middle child and I lay down on my big bed in front of the rotating fan (after ice cold showers) and I read a story a day from her new favourite book. A book given by an adopted grandmother of sorts here on the island (will save that story for another post). 

Here are a few pages of our latest story book (I love the old illustrations and the way it's written). 

* The best part of all though is if by chance she falls asleep before I do, 
I get to gaze for a spell at her sleeping face, something I shall never tire of looking at. 
Is there anything as sweet and peaceful as your child deeply asleep? 


  1. What a dreamy and delicious summer you are having!

  2. It is one of the happiest moments in parentdom. I remember my lovely daughter sleeping beside me just as you describe.

  3. Youre pictures makes me looong for summersun and afternoon naps.
    I am still at work and start my summer on monday ; )

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    : ) fra gunn

  4. Oh this is absolutely wonderful! I love the book and will check it out on Amazon--
    I am at a loss with Petit Caramel having just received from two people books of traditional and I should say scary stories (red riding hood, ugly duckling, and more of the kind), all with bright illustration that leave little to the imagination. I have put away most but one he keeps as it is a pop-up book so of course it is fun. It is the red riding hood and I have completely changed the story with a "nice" wolf as Petit Caramel keeps asking me "is the wolf happy?" and the wolf sleeping at the end rather than having become a floor mat --yes that is the last illustration on the book!).
    Have a lovely week end full of sleep and quiet and tenderness.

  5. Hi Kenza,
    This book may be a little wordy for Petit Caramel at the moment, Lili is 5 nearly 6 and it's the perfect age, she laughs at the rabbits mistakes, asks about the pixies and the gnomes and is concerned when the little Lucy loses Peters favourite boat. I can certainly think of some good books for little Caramel though- will try to email you a list of our favourites. Its true what you say though, we are so used to visually vibrant books, I rather liked the switch to just a few good minimal drawings but nice words and descriptions.

  6. siestas in the summer hols in the mediterranean are just what it's all about :)

    regarding my "olive oil production". I replied to you, but here it is again, in case you don't read it there:

    "no, no. it sounds like serious showing off this. it's just my own internal ongoing joke. castles in the air... :)

    the (very incipient) olives are no bigger than a pinhead. ha."

  7. What a beautiful photo. Yes, sleeping children are one of the most precious sights.

    p.s. I am an afternoon snoozer myself! Such pleasure... happy napping :^)

  8. What a beautiful photo of this precious child... I have a few old children's books with this type of illustration... delightful!

    Enjoy your summer, mon amie!


  9. I am so envious. Last summer we had like this, but this summer is one of huge growth and change and movement..exhausting!

  10. Oh so sweet, the kids are so very cute while they are fast asleep...
    Yes, siesta, a thing which is really unpopular here these days, the little man will not take his nap anymore. "Mami, I just can't sleep" he is saying to me after I cuddled and sang for him for about 15 minutes and I put him in his bed, I think he is asleep and while I try to do nothing for just a minute (except for drinking a cup of tea maybe) I hear him rumbling and coming with a wide smile and saying "I told you, I can't sleep.".

    But in September he will be a tall Kindergarden boy and so I am enjoying time with only him ; ) and tomorrow the girl will be having her last day of kindergarden before summer brake... HOOOLIDAYS

    And soon we will be off to Mallorca, SUN SUN Sun, swimming and relaxing - I am just so much looking foreward to this as summer is rarely here these months...

    Have a great summer and siesta with the family dear Juniper!

  11. Oh and Juniper, did you read Trixie Belden by Julie Campbell when you were young? I just found it, I remember I bought all book whenever a new one was available at our bookshop...

  12. Thank you No, I shall look up Trixie Belden, have never heard of it ! Have a good summer break, enjoy the sun!!!


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