17 July 2011

Hot summer nights, 
candlelit bridge bar cafe overlooking the Grand Harbour, 
festa fireworks light up the sky and the sounds of Joao's guitar and smooth Portuguese words waft up over the bastions from the jazz festival below. 

Yes, we discovered that an evening stroll through the streets of Valetta still contains magic. 


  1. Wow, that is so beautiful. Somehow, the county fairs we have around here this time of year don't measure up, lol! Not much else to do in the evenings.

  2. Beautiful... but the heat is killing me, killing me, I say to you! *head desk*

  3. Oh what magic and you captured it so well! I hope you are doing fine... Many kisses to all.

  4. Lovely photos and it's good to hear there is some sun out there ; )

    Our summer has left us alone this year, after a day full of sunshine and warmth a week full of heavy rains and cold - not nice! BUT soon we will be in the sun (hopefully) at Mallorca, we are looking foreward to this...

    Take care and enjoy holidays,



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