17 August 2011


( to complete by 10 AM so we can go to the park and run errands in town)
  • call council regarding garbage collection of broken suitcase.
  • clean kids window and shower stall
  • wash dishes, counters, floor
  • hang laundry
  • wash mattresses- all three
  • water plants
  • take down pictures from black board wall to get ready to repaint it

List of interruptions to far.....
  • girls insistent need for 'popsicle tattoos' to be placed on arms (free in package)
  • Stella's need for help in cleaning her toys up from all over the living room floor
  • fight on sofa regarding someone kicking someone ( an accident? doubt it)
  • Stella needs NEEEEEEEDS SOMEONE to play the 'alphabet' game (which in reality is a math puzzle game that is meant for older kids but she refuses to accept this )
  • general distress and finger pointing over who put the kids toothpaste where
  • repeated questions regarding the lost toy of Woody
  • sofa troubles again, someone took someones pillow. 
  • help needed in cutting windows for a shoebox house for the cat
  • confirmation needed by middle child (third time in the last hour of how many days till the visitors from England come)
  • cup of tea for myself only to realise we are all out of milk. blasted!

It is nearing 9 and only the dishes and hanging the laundry have gotten crossed off the list. 
Boy am I wishing we had milk, a cup of tea is needed. 

May your day contain a decent cup of coffee or tea and an accomplished list of done things. 

There is someone in the house who is good and relaxed though.


  1. As I read this post I could help but think about the fact that no matter where we have so much in common. My days all start with a let and by the end of the day I'm happy if Im abe to mark things off the list. Like you there are way too many interruptions (mine are the office variety and not near as fun) so I'm happy as the day ends to be able to check a few items off the list.

    Be sure to add "get cream" to your list!

  2. Ahh for the days when the milkman delivered!
    Your days perfectly describes all our days. What would be do without a cuppa..it kind of sorts all issued.
    Helen xxx

  3. Maybe in like 20 years you will look back at this list and laugh your butt off. My kids have had the late summer whiney voice for a week now. It's wearing me out, too! Hope you find a bit of peace!

  4. Ha! This is like a page from my book, honey. Your list of interruptions is fantastic and hilarious. our to-do list, however, is more ambitious than mine for a whole week...maybe even month?! Good luck!

  5. Smile.we have visitors arriving tomorrow so my list is getting added to with all kinds of urgent forgotten things Like remember to clean off desk, sweep and wash courtyard, do something about the kids books, which they have "all put away" themselves, be it backwards, upside down, side ways and just plain ole squashed in the bookshelf! Many things I don't do necissarilly on a daily basis.

  6. Oh boy! You really made me smile and made me wish I was around to help or juts tip toe and make you a cup of tea! Yes... you may smile a few years from now on all of this. And what beautiful memories for the kid. Through it all though tranquility of the heart can be read. Thank you...
    (and I should NOT complain with only one munchkin!)

  7. Even though you're too busy but then I can see how organized you are.

    have a great weekend!

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  8. ha! i hear ya!
    sending you big hugs dear juniper!

  9. I am so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's life is like this! There are days that I spend more time being a referee then anything else! Too bad I'm not getting paid to referee!

  10. The kitty has the right idea!!

  11. Dear Juniper, being back from our summer holiday on Mallorca, sun, sand, great food - having settled in again and starting to welcome autumn (so it seems but the beautiful autumn, you know? With cold mornings and spider webs in the bushes, sun over the day which is hot and the shadow is cold, early darkening evenings, ...) AND reading your posts.

    Congratulations on the growing belly - four - wow - make sure you have enough milk around ; )

    Big hug and take good care of you and the bunch of three


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