17 September 2011

Drive on the left side, leave the right side free

Must remember: stay on the left, drive on the left side.

We are back in Malta! 
After having sweet visitors from England, we headed off across the big pond. 

Three fun filled weeks of biking, camping, festivals, hanging out with siblings, cousins, grandparents and old friends. 
Don't worry I won't bombard you with photos.

But I leave you with this....

that taste of lush green that we were so missing on the little rock...

and that bit of pixie dust.


  1. Hi Juniper
    It is always lovely to get away and when one returns it is also good to be home. We are just returned from Ireland and it was awesome seeing family and visiting sights.
    I love your images and your angelic daughter is adorable
    Helen xx

  2. How wonderful to escape to the old familiar and even better to return to your own paradise. I love that lush green photo.


  3. Pixie dust flying off the screen! Precious!

  4. Isn't it nice to get away from this sun and heat to some greenery and cool weather. We loved our three week break. :)) Glad you enjoyed it too. Dina :) (for some reason i'm getting an anonymous face?!!)

  5. Sounds like a great holiday for you all. Good you arrived safe and happy.

    Well, as we and the US are preparing for cold winter days and nights you can enjoy some more warmth these days... but I know, winter at Malta can be cold and wet, too...

    Here the fire is crackling and candles are lit - Sat we had 26°C and today 6°C - brrrrrrrr freeezing.

    Take care of you

  6. The green always had a way of inspiring me, hope you had a great break and are now enjoying the hub bub of home!

  7. Am heading home in 24 hours to Malta from the UK. But which is home? Not sure. But I too miss the mellow green, even with the greyer skies. Wishing I could linger to catch autumn fully as Malta never has season like that does it? See you bookclub Oct! To reminisce.


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