12 July 2008

Longing north

In the midst of selling off nearly everything in the house (worried about the children going into panic mode) as coffee tables, bookshelves, desks and beds go walking out the door (to be 'looked after' by someone else) I sit during that mid day pause (nap time) and catch myself getting drawn to Danish products online.  Think I will forever have a longing for Scandinavia. Here is a book I am very tempted by.
Perhaps after four years in Malta I can convince A to move to ... say Bergen. 


  1. hmmm, i have a thing for scandinavia too...and now malta.

  2. There is something about the simple straight forward nature of things (design and personality wise) but this runs alongside a kind of deep thoughtfulness I found (while living in Norway). Malta is a bit the opposite, nothing here is straightforward and there are many many words for even the smallest of happenings.


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