07 July 2008


This cool little train conductor style hat that was given to Gaetano (my son) by his grandma was so loved and then very sadly within the week lost. Blame the out of town zoo- the thrill of seeing that baby giraffe just eclipsed all else and somehow it must have been taken off and laid down somewhere along the way. Unfortunately we don't have a car and thus can't get back there to get it back. Sad. Winchester doesn't have the best options for finding another summer sun hat- it's Monsoon which is lovely but costs an arm and a leg or BHS which is well not worth the effort. Not that we are getting a whole heck of sun here. Come Malta though it would be handy to have a hat.  

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  1. Hello dear. I came across this tutorial that comes close to this hat, but is not it exactly. Nothing ever replaces that lost, precious piece. Maybe it will give you some ideas to mull over though. Cheers.



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