22 September 2008

Went a little wild

With the ice cream maker that is- was a little excited what with eggs, cream and dried figs in the house- made an ice cream with figs, walnuts and chocolate (note the figs were cooked down in orange juice with a wee bit of cinnamon till carmely). Yes, I strayed from the usual keep it simple approach so it is one rich desert. The chocolate was a nice very dark Italian sort- just some small shavings (love the choices at the stores here). A photo to follow once we serve it up tonight!  
--- texture and taste turned out really well- just in case anyone out there is into making ice cream will write down the recipe as I am sure by tomorrow I will forget what I did. 

Fig and Walnut Ice cream
2 eggs yokes
3 Tbs sugar
mix with a whisk
add 400 ml of single cream
200 ml whole milk
add pinch of cinnamon 
set in pan and let simmer 3-4 minutes
set aside to cool 

 chop 3-4 dried figs
add with 100 ml water
juice of half an orange
1 tbs sugar (could do without it but this is the version I made)
cook down till there is a syrup (15-20 min)
set aside

when milk mixture and fig mixture is cool start up the ice cream maker- add the cream mixture and the figs then a small handful of chopped walnuts and a small handful of finely chopped dark chocolate. 

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  1. Wow! It sounds delicious and seems so adventureous to make ice cream. Seems you've settled yourself in really well.


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