16 May 2009

Chickpea season in Malta!

A. came back from the local market with an arm full of fresh chickpeas (seen in picture standing in a bucket of water) have never seen them fresh (or tasted them fresh for that matter) they are quite nice.. but contrary to what my other half thinks 'very sweet'  would not be my first response. But perhaps in contrast to the broad bean season which just passed (meant include some broad bean, bacon and mint salad recipes but didn't get round to it- sorry). Aside from this, eggplants are are very in season at the moment so today I have enjoyed making some baba ghanoush and  fresh tabbouleh salad (our little herb garden is bursting with mint and parsley now so it's perfect). 
Trying to decide what sort of ice cream next to try making... Naslply (sp?) would be interesting but certainly a challenge (a small very delicate tasting local fruit here).

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