10 May 2009

Olives and Octopus

They do go very well together but the reason for this post is mothers day this year included both elements- my husband went with the children to the fish market on the south of the island and brought back an octopus (apparently it's so fresh that they pluck it out live and lay it wriggling on the scale as you decide if thats the one you want) the kids loved this.  They came back with lots of tales- sightings of long nosed swordfishes and flying fish. Pasta a la octopus and what a sweet surprise-the children gave me an olive tree for mothers day.. very sweet and our first little tree for the garden.  
Destructo is still up to her many tricks. I was giving out snacks in the kitchen and suddenly noticed it was very quiet and someone was missing we found her in the other room with one hand on the mouse clicking away on the computer and the other holding my mobile phone to her ear and actively pushing buttons. 

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  1. Hi sweetie! Love the octopus and stories about destructo, We are living with one as well! My children are so incredible messy! Can't believe it!



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