12 August 2009


Hop Skip
Just when I thought Ide melt into the sandstone here we discovered a small bay within 5 min drive from our house (as opposed to all the other sandy beaches which are in the North of the island and a good 40 min drive away in a small our old un-air-conditioned car). It's called St. Thomas's Bay and is perfect- bit of sandy beach, bit of clear blue water and no hassle with parking (unlike most other parts of Malta).
It's a local, low key place.. not too trendy.. just our style. Kids were in heaven. Think afternoons at the sea side will be the key to our surviving the long hot summers here. Oh yes and the incredible fruit- local plums, grapes and the best peaches I have ever had are in season now (and SO cheap).


  1. That's your low-key, local? I'm officially jealous. Though, not of the heat. Is that Africa in the distance?

  2. How cool is that! I would be there every other day, to refresh my mind!

    I'm now looking at the great picture on your sidebar. Three monkeys indeed, CUTE monkeys!!!

    Lots of Love, Guusje

    PS. Thanks for your comment, I already feel a lot better after a good night sleep, and the carrot cake might helped as well!

  3. We have been there nearly every day this week!
    You can see from the pic (three monkeys) that Stella is able to hold her own with with - she may be the youngest but she certainly is a tough little cookie!


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