11 August 2009

First it was CARS

then it was TRUCKS and DIGGERS then was the all consuming TRAINS phase followed briefly by RACE CARS and ROBOTS and now our oldest (five years) has come fully into the latest phase- AIRPLANES!!!!!! It is seriously all he wants to talk about, read, draw or build at the moment. To give you a small sample was this mornings 20 minute drawing session- which resulted in this series. I won’t over do it with a photo of the airport he constructed covering his entire bedroom (using all toys available including, blocks, robots, dolls, cards and books as landing strips). Wonder how long this will last and what will come next?


  1. I love the way his point of observation changes . .love the one that's bearing down straight at you (did he spend time at O'Hare Airport or what?)

  2. I have a child with very similar interests...but she's a girl! I love the drawings.


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